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    • Comprehensive outpatient wound management program
    • Treatments and technology include Regranex, Apligraf, Wound Vac, wound debridements and pressure relief
    • Dedicated physicians and staff specializing in treatment of chronic non-healing wounds
    • Interdisciplinary team consisting of health care professionals working together in a collaborating, supportive manner

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    Wound Center

    At the Wound Care Center, our goal is not only to preserve the physical gifts of our patients, but also to restore them to an active, vibrant lifestyle. And we're reaching our goal: Our curative rate stands at 95% -- well above the national average.

    But we don't do it alone: Treating chronic non-healing wounds takes the commitment and dedication of the entire Wound Care Staff and the patient and their families.

    Types of wounds treated include non-healing wounds resulting from pressure, diabetes, collagen disorders, venous insufficiency, traumatic wounds, radiation burns and arterial insufficiency.

    A clinical pathway for treating wounds is utilized. The pathway is dynamic and includes the areas of assessment, vascular studies, re-vascularization, infection control, wound excision, skin grafting, nutrition, protection and off-loading devices, and patient and family referrals.

    At the Center, we:

    • Provide a thorough diagnosis of the wound and the patient, followed by a carefully designed case management program. We work with the primary physician, who remains an active member of the wound management team, as we help restore the patient to a full, active life.
    • Combine a highly-skilled team of specialists with the most advanced technologies and treatments. When joined together, the Wound Care team includes trained physicians, nurses and support personnel, which includes nutrition and pharmacy consultants, physical therapists, home care nurses and volunteers, and the technologies and/or treatments to deliver healing and wellness that returns the patient to active living.
    • Offer educational programs for patients and families on aftercare, prevention and awareness, medical intervention, as well as ongoing support.

    For more information, contact (516) 764-HEAL (4325).

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