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    • Vascular diseases are very common
    • Untreated vascular disease can lead to serious health problems
    • Ultrasound is used to diagnose plaque or thrombus

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    Non-invasive Vascular Lab Services

    South Nassau has proudly launched its state-of-the-art non-invasive peripheral vascular laboratory. The vascular system is the network of blood vessels that circulate blood to and from the heart and lungs. Vascular diseases are very common, especially as people age. Untreated vascular disease can lead to serious health problems.

    The Lab offers comprehensive peripheral vascular therapies and diagnostics, including endovascular treatment of aortic aneurysm. The variety of tests offered evaluate for blood flow and help form an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. The best peripheral vascular programs are sensitive to the multiple cardiovascular needs of patients and draw upon the expertise of multiple specialties to bring patients the highest-quality, innovative care possible. Dr. Stein and his team work collaboratively with his colleagues from the departments of radiology and cardiology to provide patients with expert diagnosis and treatment of a variety of peripheral vascular disorders.

    Peripheral Vascular Services Include:

    • Carotid artery ultrasound
    • Renal artery ultrasound
    • Peripheral ultrasound
    • Pulse volume recordings
    • ABI Ankle Brachial Indices for upper/lower extremities
    • Venous reflux testing
    • Vein mapping
    • Arterial mapping
    • Upper and lower extremity graft surveillance
    • Velocity waveform studies (spectral analysis)

    Venous disease can be diagnosed using several non-invasive techniques that allow clinicians to "see" clots or other abnormalities in the blood vessels. Non-invasive means that the patient’s body is not entered by a needle, tube, device, or scope and does not require the use of dyes, radiation or anesthesia. Painless ultrasound is used to look directly inside the veins or arteries to check for plaque or thrombus. Risks of complications are quite small with non-invasive testing.

    These potentially lifesaving studies, that can often times be completed in under an hour, are delivered by highly experienced Registered Vascular Technologists, a feature which is unique to South Nassau's team of professionals.

    The South Nassau non-invasive vascular lab performs studies to evaluate the following conditions:

    For more information or to schedule an appointment at our Oceanside hospital location, please call (516) 632-4204.

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