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    Services & Specialty Centers

    Breast and GYN Services

    South Nassau’s Breast and GYN Services offer patients access to specialized health care and educational services for optimum treatment of women’s health conditions from breast cancer to high-risk pregnancies and infertility, to reproductive malignancies. Led by some of the region’s leading specialists, Rajiv V. Datta, M.D.; M.D.; Christine Hodyl, D.O.; and Ann Buhl, M.D., South Nassau is a source you can trust for experienced, reliable and compassionate care with the most advanced medical technology. Click here for physician biographies.

    Under the direction of these highly skilled professionals, South Nassau offers:

    Center for Women’s Imaging
    Located at 440 Merrick Road in Oceanside, CWI offers women in our community advanced digital technology for the screening and early diagnosis of breast cancer. Center for Women's Imaging offers superior diagnostic imaging technologies as well as minimally-invasive breast biopsy procedures and wire localizations, bone densitometry, diagnostic ultrasound including fine needle aspiration of the thyroid, and hysterosonography.

    The staff's gentle and caring manner towards patients, combined with physician experience and skilled technologists, offers a unique level of quality not found in most imaging centers.

    To schedule an appointment, call (516) 255-8220.

    Advanced Treatment
    Dr. Christine Hodyl is the director of South Nassau's Breast Services. As a breast surgeon, she specializes in oncoplastic surgical techniques, combining cancer removal surgery with plastic surgery techniques to produce superior aesthetic results that can preserve dignity and pride. She may be reached at 516-632-3416.

    South Nassau offers the Mammosite® Radiation Therapy System for breast cancer. A balloon connected to a catheter tube is placed in the breast via a single channel, where a radioactive “seed” is temporarily inserted twice daily for five days. The catheter is then removed and the treatment is complete. This short treatment course is particularly helpful for women with family obligations or who work full-time, the elderly, and patients who live far from a radiation treatment center.

    Contura® breast brachytherapy for partial breast irradiation is also offered. Like Mammosite, the multi-channel Contura treatment requires just five days of two treatment sessions per day to complete the prescribed radiation therapy plan as compared to the six to seven weeks required for traditional whole-breast irradiation.  The Contura procedure also employs vacuum suction to help the balloon contour itself to the irregularly-shaped lumpectomy cavity, so that the targeted areas receive the prescribed therapeutic dose.

    Specialized Services in Gynecology and Obstetrics
    From gynecological procedures such as endometrial biopsies and colposcopies, to obstetric services including genetic counseling and amniocentesis, our Breast and GYN Services complement – and serve as a conduit for – the advanced services and specialties of our Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. We also have a dedicated gynecologic oncologist, Dr. Ann L. Buhl, on staff to diagnose and treat cancers of the female reproductive system. Dr. Buhl is widely recognized as one of the area's finest women's specialists and is among a very limited number of physicians in the region who are board-certified in gynecologic oncology. She is also one of a small number of doctors qualified to use the minimally invasive da Vinci® Surgical System for diagnosis and treatment of early-stage, advanced and recurrent gynecologic cancers and non-malignant conditions. The da Vinci Surgical System is a state-of-the-art “robot” that elevates laparoscopic surgery to a higher level of effectiveness and precision. Find out more about how Dr. Buhl uses the daVinci Surgical System.

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